5 Easy-to-Follow Steps When Buying Your First Home

house and keys

One of the most memorable moments in a person’s life is the day they open the doors of their very first home. Buying real estate property is undoubtedly one of the biggest investments most people make. In a way, it is the fulfillment of the “American dream,” but this puts a lot of pressure on a first-time homebuyer.

Of course, as a homebuyer, you wouldn’t want to make a costly mistake. So, before you start going to open houses, you should ensure that you are ready for the long home buying process.

To help you navigate the challenging home buying journey, EST Home Mortgage, one of the best home mortgage lenders in Michigan, is here to share this quick guide with you:

Know Your Credit Score

One of the things that will dictate the rates you’ll have to pay and whether or not you’ll be approved for a mortgage is your credit score. If you’re not that much in a rush, you can still do some things that could improve your credit score, especially if it is quite low. You might want to know this because the higher the credit score is, the better interest rates you’ll get!

Choose the Right Mortgage Lender

As important as finding the right real estate agent for you, so is finding the right mortgage lender. You should make a mortgage comparison to know which one can offer you a better deal. While your real estate agent can recommend you some lenders, you should still do your homework and get estimates from each so that you can compare them better.

Get Preapproved by Your Chosen Lender

Before you can put in an offer for a house you are eyeing, you need to get preapproved first. Keep in mind that most sellers won’t take buyers who aren’t preapproved seriously. This document will give the seller the assurance they need that you are serious about buying their home and that a lender is actually going to lend you money for the purchase.

Find Yourself a Real Estate Agent

The success and the ease of the home buying process largely depend on your real estate. This is why you must find someone who has your best interest in mind. Aside from that genuine concern, the agent must be seasoned enough to know the ins and outs of the market and be skilled negotiators as well. Most importantly, they should be somebody you’ll be comfortable working with. In the end, your home buying journey will be mostly spent with them, and you want to make sure you get along really well!

Start House-Hunting

At this point, you’re ready to start checking out homes! Your agent will be the one to show you which homes are within your budget. When you have multiple listings to see, make sure you have an organizational plan in place because the process might get a little more confusing. 

When you’re checking out homes, you should also find out as much as you can about the neighborhood. How safe is it? How long will your commute to work be? How far is the nearest school and hospital? The answers to these questions will ultimately affect your decision when buying a home.


Buying your very first house can be exciting, especially when you are prepared for it. By following the steps above, you should have a smoother and more positive experience overall. So, go ahead, find out your credit score, get preapproved, choose your lender and apply for a home loan, and find a trustworthy real estate agent to help you navigate the process. After that, you can start looking for your dream home!

EST Home Mortgage is one of the best home mortgage lenders in Michigan that offer superior customer services. We can provide you great options for loan products with the best possible rates, fees, and terms! Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!